Living My Best Life….

Been hearing this a lot lately…but not from people stuck in Metro Melbourne, Australia. And at the moment the array of people in Metro, Melbourne Australia “best lives’ seems at present very out of reach (and how lucky are us people residing on the Mornington Peninsula being so lucky to be classed within Metro Melbourne) — Not!

And the other people whom are not experiencing what we are going through seem so shocked that Metro Melbourne people are getting frustrated, frustrated with cleaning up a mess created by someone else. If one more person advises to just netflix and chill I may slap them. I compare it to when Marie Antoinette advised the French people — “Let them eat cake”.

The community of Metro Melbourne and add ins are cleaning up a mess, created by a government whom put their best interest first and not the interests and lives of people they are suppose to serve. A few selfish, decisions to hire cheap security personal and not accept the required help they needed. Pride got us into this mess and pride is what our government leaders seem to want to hold on to in such a broke system.

Then when questioned, they cant recall, they can not remember??? what the flip???

Imagine being at the Victorian courts or any court, saying I cant remember, I cant recall. A normal person would be classed as having some sort if mental health issue. From what I have learn over the years the court system want remorse from everyday people but remorse seems to be impossible from our own government leaders.

The Victorian Government have granted their own laws through the power bestowed on themselves.

When will enough be enough?

Being in Victoria is like dating someone who has serious control issues in the relationship. Yes, Victorians we are in a relationship with a classic narcissist system and breaking up with our own Government isn’t an instant choice sadly. Some people have escaped to other states around Australia and best of luck to them. The system built by these law developers are also being abused by the same people who created this system.

So we wait, and wait and do what we are told and because we do our best and the numbers drop dramatically, then we are given the hardest expectations that have been asked of any Australians, in any state to be granted our stolen freedoms. Are they serious?

Then they wonder why people start ignoring these rules, like people in the last few days going down the beach on a hot day, others wanting to hug their friends, the other meet in parks maybe 7km or 8km out of their required zone to see their extended family and a friend. We have been locked up for weeks, people finances have been depleted and many souls have been crushed and of course people are getting frustrated because we are still locked up and our numbers are under 20 cases a day at present. The people are hating fellow Victorians because we live in fear that the Government are going to stuff up once again with hotel security.

Got to love when the government and the other people in the other states judge us for wanting the freedoms they have had back for months. Our premier and some of the police leaders throw toddler tantrums at how selfish people are who want to live their best life. But won’t accept that they stuff up in the first place.

5KM??? Some people don't even have a shop in 5km from their house. 5KM is like locking a lion in a cage of 2m by 2m. We live in a transient world and many of our love ones live so much further then 5km.

2020 is a year of numbers I never wanted. 6 ft away , 1.5m social distancing and 5km zone from your home… and then 806 deaths in Victoria and many more around the world.

Yeah I also understand that other countries are worst but Melbourne really stuff up the economy is the younger population are most likely suffer. Mismanagement of this situation has created a hate towards a state which many local people were very proud of the place they were born. It created a mass exit from one of the most popular states in Australia.

And I am not alone, it has caused frustrations and fights that I should never had to endured and the lost of people I shouldn't have lost. If Australian governments communicated and had unified systems around Australia quarantine systems and practices, we would have been in a better situation then we are today.

As advised myself each day I keep going, I keep rising and seek out being grateful for how lucky I am.

But I honor the lost of all the memories that 2020 has stolen from me. My ten year old advising me he is depressed because that how 2020 has made him feel. This broke my heart. Our children are returning to school slowly in Metro Melbourne in the next few weeks but I will be mindful of the trauma this year has had on my children and hold space for the trauma and loss of memories which were stolen through no fault of their own.

Sleep well little ones, as the warmer days will hopefully bring laughter and joy back to school yards and back to our individual homes.



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Alisha Kitty Farr-Strang

Alisha Kitty Farr-Strang

Firestorm Energy who is a very lucky lady and Grateful for every moment I get in this world.